Miami Vice

Miami Vice details

Material : Poly&Kunu

Color : Black

Release date : 2017

Youth sizes available : Yes

Tuxedo : Yes

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Category: Short Sleeve
Collections: RSVLTS Originals
Want: 81 Own: 187

This item was available in both poly & Kunuflex

There have been 3 known variations of this shirt; the first was available in poly, while a small “2.0” batch was made in Kunuflex. This “2.0” batch can be identified by the use of the red RSVLTS tag, and a much less vibrant version of the pattern, as well as the pattern being a bit off-sized. These issues were corrected in the current “3.0” version of this shirt, which is still printed on Kunuflex, but matches the original’s vibrant colors and pattern size.

It’s worth noting that if trying to match a “tuxedo”, the shorts match versions 1.0 & 3.0 in color, but NOT the first Kunuflex version (“2.0”). The same goes for the youth and toddler versions of this shirt, which are printed on polyester, not Kunuflex.

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