Welcome to the 2022 RSVLTS March Madness shirt competition, where one shirt will be crowned “Coolest RSVLTS Shirt” – and one lucky shirt prognosticator will be crowned the “King/Queen of Kunuflex”!

In this competition, 64 original RSVLTS designs will go head to head, March Madness bracket style – and YOU get to vote for your favorites to decide the winner! Predictions are open now through March 20th @ 11:59pm EST; voting then opens on March 21st at 12:00am EST. Choose how you think all the votes will fall… and if you score the most points for correct predictions, you win!

NOTE: For this particular competition, we have limited our 64 top bangers to short-sleeve button-downs only (poly & Kunu are both OK!); while we love our long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, hats and more – this one’s just for those sweet short sleeves the kids go crazy for! (Oh, and we’re only using shirts that were made available for sale to the general public – so no 1-of-1s or Meetup exclusives, and sorry MJ fans!) Additionally, we’re limiting this competition to non-IP designs only – just the classic RSVLTS originals! (While we’ve made an exception for a couple of shirts that were direct collaborations with artists such as New Found Glory and J. Pierce, we didn’t want this competition to be all about fandom battles of “Star Wars” vs “Nickelodeon”… but perhaps down the road…?)

So… you think you know which shirt is the best design of all? Well Insider – get voting and prove it!